Granite Rock

The Teen Band from Seneca, IL USA 

GRANITE ROCK is back.  ONE NIGHT ONLY at Fat Daddyz in Seneca, IL.
Saturday December 26, 2015.  8:00pm.  

Quick Look!

The Teen Band "Granite Rock" has been blasting out old and new favorites from Seneca to Ottawa to Morris Illinois performing over 50 shows and counting! Known for their extraordinary rendition of the classic "Free Bird" They are labeled the 20th Century Rock and Roll Band featuring

Jacob Newberry (Los Angeles, CA) - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars and Vocals

Kyle Boyd (Nashville, TN) - Lead Guitar and Vocals,

Brandon Grossi (Verona, IL) - Drums

Jackie Newberry (Chicago, IL) - Bass, Saxophone, and Vocals

It started in Fergy's Bar and Grill in Seneca back in 2008 with a tightly packed place and young kids playing great classic songs and by word of mouth it spread like a virus to bars and festivals all around the area! Granite Rock played their "Last Waltz" in December of 2013, but regroup to throwback whenever they happen to be in the same location.